• Forest County to Attend Milwaukee Sport Show

    Forest County to Attend Milwaukee Sport Show

    Opportunity to Promote Your Business

    The Forest County Advertising Committee has registered for a booth at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Sport Show slated for March 8-12 at the Wisconsin State Park Fair Expo Center. This popular show continues to celebrate everything outdoors. The committee is collaborating with the Forest County Chamber of Commerce and the Forest County Tourism Commission to develop a booth that will beautifully showcase all Forest County has to offer.  You can check out the county booth ahead of time as the display will be set up in the lobby of the main entrance of the Forest County Courthouse from about February 27 – March 3.

    Businesses in Forest County can take advantage of the opportunity to provide promotional items or appropriate brochures to display for distribution at the show. Also offered to businesses this year is participating in a coupon brochure to draw show attendees to your business.  There is no charge; you just need to fill out the form to provide your coupon information.

    Contact the Forest County Chamber to get your registration form for the coupon brochure or click the link below, and to confirm if you plan to send your business brochures or promo items.  A minimum of 50 items is suggested with a maximum of 300 items per business allowed. Items must be delivered by Friday, March 3 to the Forest County Chamber of Commerce at 116 South Lake Street in Crandon. Contact the Chamber office for further information (715) 478-3450 or info@visitforestcounty.com

    MJSSS coupon form